Node Azure Key Vault Client

Managing secrets is a challenge in every DevOps environment, I use Azure Key Vault to manage my secrets. When I was getting started working with Key Vault my biggest challenge was not getting secrets in, but how to get them out. The samples we provide with the azure-keyvault NPM package... [Read More]
Tags: Node Key Vault

MongoDB on Windows Docker

I have been doing more VueJS development in my spare time and with that naturally comes the desire to explore MongoDB. What better way to do that than in a Docker container. After all, the promise of containers is that I can run this and throw it away when I... [Read More]
Tags: MongoDB Docker

Blogging Workflow

I have gone in cycles regarding with how I blog. In the past I have hosted my blog on Wordpress, Squarespace, Posterous, and a host of other platforms. I have never found a host or workflow that has really fit the way I like to write. Recently, I again changed... [Read More]
Tags: Jekyll Docker Git

PowerShell Profile

While I am using MacOS as my primary machine, I spend a lot of time moving between OS X and Windows. I have grown used to many of the customizations I implemented in Bash. I began looking for a way to get them into PowerShell. Beyond just the time saving... [Read More]
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Bash Profile

I have been using a MacBook Pro as my primary work computer for about 6 months now. As a developer, photographer, and video editor I have have always been partial to them in my personal life. I have been spending more and more time in the Terminal app then ever... [Read More]