While I am using MacOS as my primary machine, I spend a lot of time moving between OS X and Windows. I have grown used to many of the customizations I implemented in Bash. I began looking for a way to get them into PowerShell. Beyond just the time saving efforts, I was also interested in gaining some command parity. In this post I will outline my Profile and Scoop, the tool I use to add some Linux commands to Windows like sudo

Scoop, the Missing Package Installer

Much like Homebrew on MacOS, Scoop allows for the command-line installation of packages including the one I use for the customization of the PowerShell terminal itself. A few of the packages that I use every day are:

  • sudo
  • 7zip
  • openssh
  • openssl
  • curl
  • wget
  • vim
  • touch

To customize PowerShell I use the following packages:

  • Concfg - This package allows for the use of themes in the shell. While my current favorite theme is Panda, there isn’t one for concfg. So I went with another favorite, Solarized.
  • Pshazz - Pshazz puts a little life into the Shell helping decorate the Shell windows. It adds Git tab completion and puts the Git branch in the command prompt so I can always see what branch I’m working on and its status.

Customizing $PROFILE

If your favorite editor supports command line execution, to edit your PowerShell profile you can open the PowerShell windows and type EDITORNAME $profile. For me, I use VS Code so that means I open PowerShell and type code $profile. If you wanted you use one of the Scoop packages that you just installed, you can use vi $profile. Because I had installed Pshazz I already had an entry in in my profile so I just added to it. In the rest of this post, I will walk through some of the things that I have added to my profile but if you prefer to just get the code, I have posted it in a GitHub Gist

Docker Tab completion

I am a fan of tab completion in the shell so I add a package called posh-docker to my profile so it loads when I open PoSH. You can get more information on the package from the Official Docker Documentation.

Import-Module posh-docker


The next section I have set up some alias commands to make getting around in terminal easier.

# ================
# Alias
# ================

function HOME {
    Set-Location $HOME
Set-Alias ~ HOME

function BACK{
    Set-Location ..
Set-Alias .. BACK

function BACK2{
    Set-Location ../..
Set-Alias ..2 BACK2

function GITHOME {
    Set-Location J:\GitHub
Set-Alias gogit GITHOME

function NEWCD {
    Set-Location $args[0]
Set-Alias cd NEWCD -Option AllScope

Right now this is all I have in my PowerShell profile but I hope to add more in the future. I will be updating my Gist when I do. Are you making customizations to your PowerShell profile? I would love to hear about them in the comments below. I’m always looking for useful tools. If you find this content helpful I would love for you to follow me on Twitter and share it with your networks.