Shutdown Tagged VMs with Azure Automation

In my previous post PowerShell to update the tags on resources, I added tags to the virtual machines in my subscription. There are a host of reasons why resources may be tagged in Azure. I have seen customers use them to identify the department or application resources belong to. I... [Read More]
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Adding Tags to Resources in Azure

I am always looking for ways to automate my Azure environment. I use Azure as a Demo and Testing environment and do not want it running 24/7 and shutting off each virtual machine at the end of a day is time consuming. I want to have Azure Automation do that... [Read More]
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Azure Automation, My SQL Agent in the Cloud

My focus for the past 18 moths at Microsoft has been on Azure but that does not mean I left my love for SQL behind. In fact, has become an asset. In the course of regular operations I have built out a workflow to import call statistics and reporting data... [Read More]
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