New Blog, New Role

A new blog and a new role here at Microsoft. Starting today I am joining the Azure Customer Advisory Team. I am excited for the challenge and look forward to learning from wealth of experience hard won working on some of the most challenging and innovative customer solutions. I hope... [Read More]
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Advanced Azure ARM Template

As you have seen, I have been doing quite a bit of work with ARM templates and VMs recently. This post is no different. I have been working on a project where multiple VMs need to be created from a custom image and they need to be joined to an... [Read More]
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Azure Resource Manager Template Custom Script Extensions

In my previous article, Building Azure Resource Manager Templates , I covered how to get started with Azure Resource Manager templates. While they are certainly great for basic deployments, where they really shine is in their ability to allow for complex deployments. This post will cover the Custom Script Extension... [Read More]
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Shutdown Tagged VMs with Azure Automation

In my previous post PowerShell to update the tags on resources, I added tags to the virtual machines in my subscription. There are a host of reasons why resources may be tagged in Azure. I have seen customers use them to identify the department or application resources belong to. I... [Read More]
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