Get In Touch

Thanks for the wanting to get in touch with me. There are a bunch of way ways to find. You can use any of the medium below.

Email: I get a lot of email daily. I will do my best to return email as quickly as possible but I am not a fan. This can be reflected in my desire to use Microsoft Teams or Slack .

Twitter: jgardner04 This might be best way to reach me. I regularly share content Azure related content and engage in discussion. You can see much of my work history conveyed through my tweets. I do read my direct messages and allow them from people and allow them from people who don't follow me.

LinkedIn: jonathangardner Most of my work history is outlined well here. I accept connections from people I have met in person, talked to, or worked with enough to consider a work contact. I do not respond to messages from people I do not know.

Facebook: I connect with work and public contacts on Twitter and through LinkedIn as mentioned above. I reserve Facebook for friends and family on my personal profile. I do have a Facebook page form my Photography if you are interested in following me there. Jonathan Gardner Photography

Signal: If you want to get in touch with me through secure channel, I am happy to do so via Signal.

Keybase and Public PGP Key Much like Signal mentioned above, if you would like to communicate with me securely I am on Keybase with many proofs. If you want to encrypt files and send them to me, use the key there.